SU-155 Company Group

Social policy

The major social role played by the SU-155 Group of companies in the execution of the government’s mission to provide housing is what dictates the size and geographic extent of the Group. SU-155 builds homes for deceived investors and participates in governmental programmes: Resettlement of Residents of Damaged and Condemned Housing, Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Russians, Young Family, Development of Settled Areas, and others.

The Group is a reliable partner with the government in the construction of public buildings. Group builders constructed every third school and every fourth kindergarten in the Moscow suburbs, based on 2012 results. Capital investment in the construction of social infrastructure for the first nine months of 2012 was 1.343 billion rubles, a growth of 315.48% over the same period in 2011; in 2013 the Group plans to push that figure to 1.8 billion rubles, creating kindergarten and school facilities for over six thousand students.

Group employees receive an extensive benefit package including programmes for enhancement of their qualifications, provision of housing, medical services, financial assistance and leisure programmes.

The New REPUBLIC foundation, engaged in providing assistance to people suffering from serious diseases, orphans and the elderly, was established on the initiative and at the initiation of the SU-155 Group. The foundation designs projects enabling the organization of large, medium and small businesses, budgeting for individuals to develop charitable activities and financing in the social sphere. Foundation representatives also regularly visit kindergartens and boarding schools.