SU-155 Company Group

About us

The SU-155 Group is one of the largest industrial and construction holding companies in Russia, founded almost 60 years ago. 

The most recent phase in the history of the Group commenced in April 1993, when by decision of the workforce it was registered as SU-155 CJSC.

Today, the SU-155 Group comprises over 80 industrial operations and construction companies. With the largest production base in the country, the SU-155 Group is able to build modern, well-equipped housing in 50 cities throughout Russia at the most affordable prices in the market, and with the largest volume – about 1.5 million square meters annually.

Turnover of the SU-155 Group for 2012 was 84.3 billion rubles. The SU-155 Group build as much as 1.5 million square meters of residential and commercial projects every year. Their portfolio of completed and projected work consists of over 17 million square meters.

The SU-155 Group is a key player in the Russian construction industry and has significant assets in production, expertise and technology.

With its size and geographic expanse, the Group business fulfills a major social task in helping the state to succeed with its mission to provide housing to the nation.