SU-155 Company Group

Urban development principles

SU-155 Urban Development Company

The SU-155 Group of companies is one of the largest Russian developers, and with almost sixty years of experience, it is an expert in modern urban design nationwide.

The basis of their success today is their modern approach to urban design based on integrated developmental approaches for residential areas and a comprehensive view of the needs of the people living in them. SU-155 doesn’t “develop properties”; they design and build mini-cities, ensuring that their residents are supplied with all the necessary conditions for a full, healthy life. Cities designed by the Group have all the necessary infrastructure for education, nurturing, and a happy, healthy lifestyle. Areas designed for commercial and civic needs make it possible to ensure jobs for SU-155 residents.

SU-155 hires the best designers and technicians to work on their mini-cities, including world-renowned architectural teams.  Their contemporary approach to urban design enables them to create modern, comfortable spaces for living.

Their sense of responsibility toward the government and society inspires SU-155 to design utility infrastructures for their mini-cities or, if necessary, completely overhaul existing ones, leading to the company being a much sought-after partner for collaboration with regional governments throughout Russia.

Their nationwide scale of operations is made clear by their geographical extent; today, SU-155 operates in 50 cities throughout Russia, providing employment for some 40,000 people. In fact, SU-155 includes not just construction companies, but also dozens of industrial operations. Their formidable manufacturing, architectural and technical proficiency makes them a strategic component of the Russian construction sector.

The Group’s size, nationwide business scope and modern approach to urban planning are the basis for their major social role in the solution of governmental housing needs.

The construction companies making up SU-155 build over 1.5 million square meters of residential and commercial properties every year, a large portion of which are parts of mini-cities, designed and built by the Group in accordance with modern principles of urban planning.

Their total work completed and under construction today is over 21.5 million square meters.