SU-155 Company Group


Mikhail Dmitrievich Balakin

Chairman, Board of Directors, SU-155 Group of companies

Mikhail Balakin was born 20 April, 1961 to a family of builders in Serpukhov,   outside of Moscow. He graduated the Kuybyshev Moscow Engineering and Construction Institute in 1983. He worked for seven years with Construction Management No. 204 in Moscow, rising from master builder to chief engineer.

He was named director of Glavmosstroy’s Construction Management No. 155 in 1990. Ever since, the name Mikhail Balakin has been inseparable from SU-155.

He became its general director and co-owner in 1993 when the company “went public”. At that time, the staff of SU-155 consisted of about 100 employees; in twenty years, it has grown to over 40,000. The company very rapidly began collecting remnants of the Soviet construction sector, one by one. In 1996 they acquired their first concrete mixing plant, making it possible for the company to start actively working on monolithic housing. And three years later, in 1999, the company acquired their first plant for manufacturing steel reinforced concrete. Under Mikhail Balakin’s leadership, SU-155 became a Group of Companies, a holding company with an extensive industrial base and its own machinery manufacturing and transport facilities. By the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, SU-155 was producing the larger share of materials for its own use independently.

Mikhail was invited to work with the Moscow mayor’s office in 2000. As first deputy to Vladimir Resin, head of the Moscow Construction Complex, he was responsible for the construction of municipal projects and the rebuilding of obsolete housing, including the new stage for the Bolshoi Theatre, Europe Square near the Kiev Station, the House of Music on Red Hills and the MGU International Intellectual Centre and Library on Lomonosov Prospect.

Work on the development of Russia’s megalopolis was related to solving overall issues in urban planning, including qualitative improvement of the manufacturing potential of the Moscow construction complex. Working for the state gave Mikhail Balakin experience in project management on a unique scale, acquiring a big picture focus on overall problems and perspectives for the development of the construction sector and acquiring unique expertise in urban planning.

Mikhail Balakin went back to managing his company in 2005. The Group began actively operating in the regions at that point. Expansion of SU-155 began with the creation of points of presence between its own manufacturing and construction facilities.

Today, the SU-155 Group consists of 84 industrial and construction companies, including producers of bricks and cement, elevator construction plants and steel reinforced concrete plants, facilities for the manufacture and repair of tower cranes – everything needed for the full cycle of large panel and monolithic housing construction. The Group operates in 40 cities in five federal districts throughout Russia and is a strategic partner with the state in the solution of the problem of providing affordable housing, schools, kindergartens and medical and sports facilities.

Mikhail has been awarded the designation of “Master Builder of the Russian Federation” for his many years of good work in the construction industry; he was awarded a Certificate of Merit of the President of the RF and is a “Person of the Year” laureate for his contributions to the construction industry.

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