SU-155 Company Group

SU-155 Group successfully passed an offer for 1 bn rubles bonds

On 24 November 2014 LLC SU-155 Capital (100% affiliated company of JSC SU-155) in a timely manner and fully fulfilled its commitments under an offer for bonds, series 04, in the amount of 1 billion rubles. At the same time, the holders of SU-155 Group corporate bonds were paid an accrued coupon yield in the amount of 1 million 271 thousand rubles. LLC Ursa Capital acted as the agent of the offer.

On 07 November 2014 the issuer established a rate for the 6th coupon of bonds, 04 series, in the amount of 15,5% annual interest. The bonds will be paid off on the date of the sixth coupon payment – 18.05.2015. According to security documents purchased bonds may be re-issued in the future for circulation to the secondary market before their redemption date.

LLC Ursa Capital acted as the agent of the offer. Transactions for purchasing bonds were made via MICEX Stock Exchange trading system.

Currently four issues of LLC SU-155 CAPITAL bonds in total are circulating at the MICEX Stock Exchange, the total nominal value of which is 4 billion rubles. The bonds include 3 issues of SU-155 CAPITAL standard bonds, series 05 (state registration number of the issue 4-05-36051-R), series 06 (state registration number of the issue 4-06-36051-R), series 07 (state registration number of the issue 4-07-36051-R) with the nominal value of 1 billion rubles each and 3 years of maturity. These series were placed at the MICEX Stock Exchange on 26 February 2013. The bonds have 6 coupon periods, the rates for the 4th coupon of the bonds established by the issuer are at 13,25% level. The amount of 396,4 million rubles was paid for the 1st and 2nd coupon of the mentioned series.