SU-155 Company Group

Hi-Tech Equipment Successfully Tested at SU-155 Plant in the Moscow region

The SU-155 Group is completing their remodelling of the Klin Production Design Plant, a member company of the industrial wing of the company. They produced their first experimental steel reinforced concrete panel on the new production line last week.

Altogether, three new robotized production lines will be installed in the new production area. The first of these, designed for the production of internal wall panels, is already completely installed and is now being tested. The first high quality concrete panel was produced on the assembly line last week. Full launch of the updated industrial facility is planned for the current quarter.

Under the factory modernization, the old equipment was moved out and renovations of the newly available 10,500 square meter covered area were undertaken. The installation and calibration of the new production lines is being carried out there now under the direction of German specialists. This will result in the facility beginning operations on three production lines, a high-tech complex for the design of façade panels, a line for volume welding of reinforcement mesh, two new concrete mixing lines for tinted and plain concrete, two dedicated concrete feeds and storage for inert materials and white and gray cement. It should be noted that the plant is being modernized without halting production.

The installation of the second line, for the production of floor slabs and three-layer insulating façade panels (sandwich panels) and for setting up the only complex for the processing of façade panels in Russia, which will be installed in the processing area, will be completed in the coming month.

The Klin Production Design Plant became part of the SU-155 group of companies in 2006. The ongoing modernization is the second stage in the retooling of the operation. Until 2014, the plant produced only detail pieces for I-155 and IP46 models and for the construction of kindergartens and schools.