SU-155 Company Group

SU-155 Group increases its apartment sales by 22.6% over nine months

SU-155 Group's revenue from the commercial sales of apartments (not counting government orders) was 24.6 billion roubles. In nine months of 2014, SU-155 Group concluded 22.6% more apartment sales contracts than in three quarters of 2013. As in the previous year, a quarter of the apartments were sold with the help of mortgages.

In January-September 2014, revenue grew by 11%
 as compared with nine months of 2013. SU-155 Group sold 10,943 apartments in 2014. The total area of housing sold amounts to over 550 thousand sq. m. (in 2013, this was 9,053 apartments with a total area of 483 thousand sq. m.). This demonstrates an increased demand among customers for small apartments. In comparison with 2013, the average size of purchased apartments was reduced by 53.3 sq. m. to 45.8 sq. m.

Sold cubic metres were distributed approximately evenly between the Moscow region (Moscow and the Moscow Oblast) and other regions of Russia. In Moscow and the Moscow Oblast, 45% of the total amount of sq. m. of housing was sold (246 thousand sq. m.), and in other regions – 55% (302.5 thousand sq. m). A similar tendency emerged from the point of view of contracts concluded – 49% of apartment sales contracts were signed in the capital region (5,343 contracts), and 51% in the other regions (5,600 contracts).

In January-September 2014, the "one-room trend" established by SU-155 Group back in Q1 2013 remained in effect. Over nine months of 2014, one-room apartments again enjoyed the highest demand – 4,631 of them were sold. The average size of one of these new apartments was 41.88 sq. m. In second place were two-room apartments with a size of 62.25 sq. m., of which 3,073 were sold. Studio apartments took third place in all regions: 1,881 of them were sold, and their average size was 22.38 sq. m.

The share of mortgage deals in nine months of 2014 remained unchanged from the previous year and amounted to 25%. Within nine months, the average cost of apartments sold using mortgage loans from banks affiliated with LP SU-155 and Company was reduced by 300 thousand roubles. This is linked to the introduction of a range of new low-cost zero-phase designs to the market in 2014.

In 2014, several residential complexes went on sale at once in their initial stage of construction, including "City" category projects in the Moscow region, which reduced the average cost per square metre in all regions. In contrast to the cost per metre in 2013 (45.5 thousand roubles), in 2014 a "residential metre" not only failed to adjust for inflation, but dropped to 44.8 thousand roubles per sq. m.