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SU-155 Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant Set to Produce First Lifts for the Moscow region

This week Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant LLC, a capital investment project of SU-155 Group and the newest machine-building facility in the Moscow area, signed its first state contracts to produce lifts for the Moscow region worth around 450 million roubles. By 31 December 2014, the factory will deliver and install 293 new Wellmaks trademark passenger lifts in the region, amounting to 3.9% of the production volume required to complete the regional programme to replace and modernise its lifts.

Signing the first state contracts to deliver lifts to the Moscow region became a significant event for the facility, concluding the first year of operations for Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant. The facility was accepted as the winner in the tender process for a contract to provide services and/or complete two lots of works to replace lift equipment in the Moscow region. As a result, by 31 December 2014, the facility will install new passenger and cargo/passenger lifts in the urban locality Vlasikha, eight localities in the Moscow region 's Odintsovsky District and in three settlements in the Lyuberetsky District, one settlement in the Dzerzhinsky urban locality and two settlements in the Moscow region 's Krasnogorsk District.

Obsolete lifts in apartment complexes will be replaced with new business-class passenger and cargo/passenger lifts produced under the Wellmaks trademark by SLZ LLC, with a cargo capacity of between 400 and 1,000 kg. These lifts are characteristic for their reduced noise levels and business-class interior finish, which employs polished metal, mirrors, glass, metal-based laminate and wood veneer. The lift's technical characteristics allow their production to be easily adapted to meet the requirements of Russian installation and servicing companies.

The overall cost of the operations, set out in the contracts to deliver and install the new lifts, amounts to around 450 million roubles. The facility will manufacture and install 293 lifts as part of a Moscow region sub-programme of the state programme "Developing the Housing and Utility Sector, 2014–2018", the primary goal of which is to fully replace lifts which have exceeded their standard service life in multi-storey residential buildings. With SLZ LLC's current production capacity, lift cabins for the first state contracts can be produced in less than a month. In its first year of operations, the facility began to operate at half of its planned production capacity of 15 thousand lifts per year, producing 629 Wellmaks trademark lifts in May 2014. By September 2014, its manufacturing departments were up and running in three shifts. In total, the state programme plans to replace and modernise 7,451 lifts by 2018. This will cost 12.6 billion roubles. The factory will provide 3.9% of the production volume required to complete the regional programme to replace and modernise its lifts. At the same time, Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant is able and ready to increase its productivity within the "Developing the Housing and Utility Sector, 2014–2018" programme for the Moscow region.

"It is gratifying that the Moscow region was chosen for the construction of a facility to produce safe and affordable lifts corresponding to international standards. We always support the opening of new manufacturing facilities, and we rely on mutual support from businesses to help achieve the region's goal of replacing outdated lifts with new ones", said Moscow region governor Andrey Vorobyov at Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant's opening ceremony in 2013. 

The tender process for the contract to provide services and/or complete works to replace lift equipment was held on 11 August 2014 by the non-commercial organisation "Foundation for the Capital Repair of Communal Multi-Storey Residential Buildings". From 1 September 2014, SEMP LLC began to carry out its obligations within the contracts it signed.

Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant is a capital investment project of SU-155 Group and the first new lift construction factory opened in Russia in the last 60 years. SU-155 Group installs business-class Wellmaks trademark lifts in its economy-class apartment buildings and also participates in state and municipal programmes to replace lifts, an aim currently of critical importance to Russia's housing and utilities sector.