SU-155 Company Group

SU-155 Group will build Residential complex in Ivanovo Region under the Program "Housing for Russian Families"

OJSC Ivanovo House-Building Company (IDSK) and the Regional Department for Construction and Architecture have signed an agreement for the execution of the Program "Housing for Russian Families" in Ivanovo region.

The Company will undertake the construction of 50% of the total real estate which will be built in the region under the Ministry of Construction housing program. As stated in the document 25 thousand sq. meters in the residential area occupying 143 thousand sq. meters to be built by IDSK will be constructed under the federal program.

Future residential complex will be built in Kochedykovo village. Besides high-rise buildings with alternate floor levels, IDSK will build a kindergarten for 220 children and a first aid/obstetric station in the housing complex.

The real estate the construction of which will be carried out under the Program “Housing for Russian Families” will comprise four multi-storey buildings. In accordance with the signed agreement, IDSK will finish the high-rise building before July 2017. The price of one square meter of living floor space will not exceed 30 thousand rubles.

IDSK has become one of two companies pre-qualified by the session of the committee in the Regional Department of Construction and Architecture, which is responsible for the construction of residential facilities under the Ministry of Construction program in the Region.

It is necessary to remind you that SU-155 Group became the first company which proceeded with the implementation of the project under the Ministry of Construction Program “Housing for Russian Families”, having signed a trilateral agreement of intent with Tula Region Government and Tula Region Development Corporation.

Today the construction of residential complex in Tula region, almost 50% of which will be built under the mentioned program, is progressing at full speed.