SU-155 Company Group

SU-155 Group has launched a new construction technology at Voyskovitsy HBC in Leningrad Region

SU-155 Group within the framework of a long-term program for the modernization of production facilities has launched a new for the Group company construction technology on the north-west at HBS Voyskovitsy. The frame and girder system combines the speed and efficiency of panel housing construction with the flexibility of cast-in-place concrete frame construction. A school in Kamenka residential complex will become the first SU-155 Group’s facility in St. Petersburg built under a new technology.

To explore a new technology SU-155 Group has fully reconstructed the production site at Voyskovitsy House-Building Company having equipped it with automated processing and temperature control systems. The budget for launching the frame and girder system has reached approximately 100 million rubles. Today the annual production capacity at HBS is up to 54 thousand m3 of reinforced concrete items for the frame and girder construction – this quantity is sufficient to build about 18 thousand sq. meters of housing or infrastructure.

The new technology allows us to build housing and social infrastructure facilities with a free layout keeping the speed and production cost at a level that can be compared with SU-155 Group’s traditional concrete panel construction. Thus, the first frame and girder facility built by Voyskovitsy HBS in St. Petersburg – a school in Kamenka Residential Complex – is already 50% complete.