SU-155 Company Group

RIA Novosti: SU-155 Completed Modernization of DSK in Leningradsky Region

As stated by the company, SU-155 Group invested 100 million rubles into the modernization of DSK Voyskovitsy in Leningradsky Region.

"Today the annual production capacity at DSK is up to 54 thousand m3 of reinforced concrete items for the frame and girder construction – this quantity is sufficient to build about 18 thousand sq. meters of housing or infrastructure", - clarified the statement.

It is also mentioned that the first facility that will be built by SU-155 Group in St. Petersburg under the new technology, will become a school in Kamenka Residential Complex, St. Petersburg.

As the Company Group’s media office explained to RIA-Novosti, the frame and girder technology is similar to the cast-in-place concrete frame construction with the built-up frame. Like in the cast-in-place concrete frame construction during the frame and girder construction the load-carrying function is performed by a r/c frame (beams and columns). Walls will have an enclosing function only, therefore, the variety of internal layouts in such buildings can be much broader vs. panel buildings. Besides, any frame-based buildings allow changes in the layout provided that the integrity of the columns is maintained.

SU-155 Group has almost a 60-year history in the area of construction in Russia. The company group comprises over 80 industrial and construction enterprises located in 17 cities and towns of Russia. The company’s construction projects occupy 50 cities and towns of Russia, CIS and Europe. SU-155 Group’s turnover in 2013 equals 114,2 billion rubles.

10.12.2014 RIA Novosti