SU-155 Company Group

New Technologies

The SU-155 Group of companies actively invests in the development of its industrial base; it buys new plants and technology lines and implements new production and construction technologies.

The SU-155 Group industrial operations technical refitting programme for 2013-2014 proposes the modernization of over a dozen manufacturing facilities. It is planned to devote 4 billion rubles to this end in just this year. The SU-155 Group has invested about 27 billion rubles in the rebuilding of facilities in the last 12 years.

Both Russian equipment (including equipment produced by SU-155 Group companies) and equipment from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the USA are used in implementing new technologies.

The elevator and crane sector is developing rapidly in the SU-155 Group. SU-155 is one of several companies independently developing and manufacturing new models of pillar cranes and elevators in Russia today.

The SU-155 Group is running the following projects this year as part of their rebuilding of industrial facilities:

The SU-155 Group of companies has commenced its second phase of modernization of the steel reinforced concrete plant NN House Building Company (a member company of SU-155). The company will devote over 1 billion rubles to the renovation of the industrial base.

The refitting of the Odintsovo company for the production of steel reinforced concrete, Stroyindustriya, will be complete by the end of 2013. Total calculated investment is 160-180 million rubles.

The SU-155 Group and the German company Vollert concluded an agreement for the supply of equipment, installation and personnel training for modernization of the Major Detail Plant in Tula and the company Stroyindustriya.

The SU-155 Group’s Krasnoyarsk brick company, Sibirsky Element, has placed an order for the manufacture of a brick cutting line with the Spanish company Equipceramic.

The SU-155 Group launched its own metallic structure, sanitary fitting and board equipment facilities at its Voyskovitsy Home Building Plant facilities. Investments in developing these capabilities have been about 80 million rubles.

Modernization was completed of one of the production lines for steel reinforced concrete items at the Ivanovo House Building Company. Investment in development of this production is 160 million rubles.

In August 2013, the SU-155 Group completed its investment project for the creation from scratch of a new hi-tech operation: the Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant was built outside of Moscow. SU-155 Group investment in the project was 3 billion rubles.